T-120- Ganesh

Tiger T-120- Ganesh

  • Tiger Code T-120
  • Gender – male 
  • Possible Father – Bahadur
  • Mother – Chandra
  • Age – 3
  • Zone – 2,3 and 4
  • Status – live
T-120- Ganesh

Tiger T-120- Ganesh

Ennead, the tiger, is a relatively new and youngster tiger for the tourism region. On March 23, 2021, he made his first appearance in the tourism division of Zone 2.

Newsday reports that he is roving zones two, three, and four, attempting to establish his own territory while being pursued by powerful Tiger T-86 aka Chirico.

Early life :

He was born and raised in the Lahpur Valley, which is hardly a tourist area. He was born in July of 2018. His mother, T-63, also known as Chandra, had given birth to her second litter, which included two male cubs fathered by T-03, Bahadur, a tiger. On October 25, 2018, the second litter of T-63 was captured in a camera trap for the first time in the Audi Kho region. Both cubs were around three or four months old at the time.

They had split from their mother (T-63) in 2021 after they had grown up as adults. T-120 and T-121 were the tiger codes assigned to the two male cubs. T-120, the tiger, was one of them. T-121, his younger brother, is still trying to turn his domain into the same area.

How to Identify

Right Profile of T-120 Ganesh 

On his right foot, he has a mark of 9 (Nine). The Pythagoreans referred to the number nine as Ennead, which is why we refer to him as Ennead!


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