Siddhi- T-125 Clever Tigress of Ranthambore

Tiger T-125 Siddhi

  • T-125
  • First Seen – 2 January 2019
  • First Sighted By – Mohan Singh
  • Gender – female 
  • Possible Father – Chirico
  • Mother – Arrow-Head
  • Age – 4
  • Zone – 3 and 4
  • Status – live
Siddhi- T-125 Clever Tigress of Ranthambore

Siddhi- T-125 Clever Tigress of Ranthambore

The legendary Tigress of Ranthambore National Park Machali shows that her gene pool is the fiercest one in the Tiger clans of Ranthambore. Riddhi one of the great granddaughters of Machali on hand is extremely popular for her dauntless spirit and adventurous nature and Siddhi the other one is quiet but dangerous and will show you her power by fighting fiercely alongside Riddhi. She is not much into the limelight like her sister Riddhi but her boldness was revealed when she was seen fighting with her mother Tigress Arrowhead for the dominance of the territory.

Sisters Over Territory – The great battle

The stories of the dangerous tussle between the two sister Tigresses Riddhi and Siddhi has been attracting the wildlife lovers for years. These two have been indulging in a fight for quite a long time over the dominance of the territory. The territory in zone 3 and 4 for which they are fighting is the most beautiful and one of the best tiger habitats of Ranthambore.  

Siddhi is equally bold and brave like Riddhi when it comes to conquering anything. Tourists were spell bounded to see her courage when she was seen fighting at a water body in zone 4. It was her great fighting skills that caused 14 stitches on Riddhi’s tongue and several bruises on her shoulders. Riddhi has been very upfront in showing her bravery and she is always ready to fight whenever she gets a chance but Siddhi on the other hand wait and fights tactfully.

Riddhi is rumored to have killed a tiger cub T-120 and the intense fights with her sister Siddhi has made things not in her favor. She will be shifted to Sariska Tiger Reserve due to lack of space as a result Tigress Siddhi will lead her territory. Tigress Siddhi will get the title of the Queen who will get the best Tiger Habitat of Ranthambore.

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